Korean Beauty Secrets: The 7 Skin Method 

Hello, everyone! Lina here. 🙂

The Korean beauty world is always innovating when it comes to skincare, and their approach to beauty is something that I really appreciate and love trying if I have a connection with the method. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen when I’ve posted about ‘The 7 Skin Method’ and gave you a quick explanation of what is was and how I’ve initially applied it to my needs.

The 7 Skin Method is called like this because in the Korean language the word that means ‘Toner’ and ‘Skin’ is the same. For them, the approach to toners is about adding another layer of moisture, of “good skin” so to speak. So, most of their toners are formulated with hydrating agents. In theory, you can also call it “The 7 Toner Method” and it’s about layering 7 times a hydrating toner on your skin, in order to get more moisturized. And I specifically say “hydrating toner” because it isn’t only about adopting their method, you really don’t wanna do this process with an astringent alcohol toner because instead of moisturizing your skin you’ll strip the moisture out of it. So, please, don’t do that! I recommend you not to use alcohol-based products in general, but especially for this one: DON’T!

After some months trying this method, here’s my take:

At first, applying 7 layers of my 100 ml Damask Rose Water felt a little insane – well, it kinda is – because of the amount of product, but actually, it did make a difference on the hydration’s level of my skin without the heavy feeling of a moisturiser and it has given me a gorgeous glow.

Especially for the past months, was still winter here in Germany, so the air is naturally drier than usual. I have combination/sensitive skin and some parts of my face, like cheeks, around my mouth and eyes, suffer quite a lot with that issue, and the 7 Skin Method really helped me.

For summer, I probably won’t even need a moisturizer after the 7 layers, which is great because I’ll have hydration without the heavy feeling of the moisturizer and less danger of clogged pores.

Probably I won’t do this every day because even though it boosts the moisture, it still is a lot of product, and my skin doesn’t require that amount of moisture every single day. You should be guided by your skin type and how you feel after every application. For example, on some occasions after the fourth layer, I was already feeling quite moisturized.

Every skin type can benefit from the 7 Skin Method. For whom has an extremely dry skin, that could be something to try more often, especially in winter. If you have combination or oily skin, you’ll probably love this in summer. And if you are feeling a little dryer than usual or you’re not having time on a particular day to apply all your skincare cosmetics, you can try 3 layers and add accordingly with your needs.


On a side note, when I was testing the Green Tea Steam Facial, I still had a lot of the tea inside the bowl, so I decided to apply 7 layers of the green tea onto my face with a cotton pad just because I was in a testing mood (haha), and I really enjoyed it! It was actually amazing how much the green tea instantly diminished my under eye circles and brightened up my complexion. I’m quite looking forward to trying other ways to use green tea for beauty.


So, darlings, that’s it for this week! You should really try the 7 Skin Method at least once and see how your skin feels. It’s definitely an interesting experience and might save you in those very dry days or if you are having a very busy day and need something that will work as a Toner and give you hydration at the same time.

Please share your experience with me if you try it, I will love to know!

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂

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