Hello dear friends, family and loved ones of Lina Levien. With a heavy heart I have to tell you today that my beloved wife Lina Levien has lost her long struggle with the condition that made her the world’s most inspiring roller. Lina Levien was an example, role model, hope and inspiration to all of…

What a 2-year-old​ helped me remember

Until granny said: “That’s Carolina!”, and she doesn’t speak many words yet but she said: “Lina!”. Everyone was delighted because she learned how to speak a new word but for me was so much more than that.

The Art of Redefining Food

How an inflammation pain on my right knee redefined my relationship with Food and how it affects my body and the whole Planet.

Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

Obstacles are detours in the right direction. How to turn your obstacles into opportunities + Spring Red & Rose Outfit under a Sakura Tree.

My Mode: Heels on Wheels

When my Power Heels turned into Power Flats + How To Monochrome in Green + How I unconsciously allowed the media and other people to dress me.