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Hi, Earthling!

Welcome to my online home!

So happy to meet you!

No matter what has brought you here, I’m so happy to welcome you! Perhaps you’ve read one of my articles somewhere or you’ve heard about me from a beautiful fellow Earthling. This page was made to help you to not feel overwhelmed by where to start reading.

First things first: Who am I?

A born-and-raised Brazilian girl, currently living in a land called Germany. Only daughter, only wife *giggles*, unshakeable optimist and with a dream to create a socially conscious digital platform that wishes and serves you to express your best self and deliberately create a meaningful and successful life — in your own terms.

I also define myself as a Writer, Introvert Activist, Stylish Roller, Natural Skincare Enthusiast and Trekkie (a Star Trek Geek), just to name a few.

My name is Carolina but online you’ll find me as Lina Levien.

What do I write about?

I’m a multi-passionate person; that means I can’t write about only one subject. That being said, you might ‘feel’ at first that my blog doesn’t have a theme, but actually, it does — The Art of Redefining Yourself for Earthlings of all abilities. In other words, reconnecting with your Inner and Outer Intelligence. (Yep, that pretty sums it up!)

My intention is to inspire you by doing, writing and sharing what inspires me.

My posts are about these topics:

  • BEAUTÉ: Skincare & Beauty with focus on natural cosmetics, plant-derived and organic ingredients. Normally I’m educating and advising you about ingredients so you’re able to decide for yourself what product to purchase. My Beauté is not only about protecting your biggest organ — your skin — but it’s also about self-care and love in a holistic way.
  • MODE: Fashion & Styling as an expression of who I am and wanna communicate to the world. I’m a defender of quality over quantity. You’ll read about mixing colours, patterns, kinds of fabrics and how to make fashion work for you — especially if you’re a Roller like I am.


  • SPIRITUALITÉ: Experiences & Insights about my Spirituality and Personal Development on my relationships, both intimate and social, tuning in with my inner Intelligence, rolling the ramp on the entrepreneurial path and life in general. No matter if you believe in God, or the Universe, or a Higher Power, these articles will likely serve you. Even if you aren’t a believer it might be useful because sometimes it’s just really common sense.
  • VOYAGE: Occasionally you’ll also read my thoughts on accessibility design for Rollers on some nice-to-go spots around the globe.

The categories on ‘Blog’ are in French. It was an editorial choice I’ve made since I write this blog in English, Portuguese and at times, German. The words ‘Beauté’, ‘Mode’, ‘Spiritualité’ and ‘Voyage’ are understandable in many languages, including the three I write in.

Not ALL posts are always published in these three languages. However, when I do write in more than one, the posts will appear in separate pages directly one after the other.


If you wish to see all the posts only in English, Portuguese or German, click on ‘The Art of Redefining Yourself,A Arte de Redefinir-se’ or ‘Die Kunst Sich Neu Zu Definieren’ on the ‘Blog’, respectively.

What should you do next?

You can read three of my best L.O.L (Lina Online Lessons) and become a member of the LL Collective (more info about it on the next question).

What’s the LL Collective?

It’s a different format to share content through emails only for the LL Collective subscribers. In other words, you’ll see me in your inbox twice a month (every 15th and last day) with stories, updates and resources that I don’t share on other platforms. Content that doesn’t necessarily fit into the blog or I don’t wanna post on social media. I’m sure that the topics will evolve because I love trying new things. However, one point will never change: I’ll always share only what’s genuine and touches my heart, makes me think differently or laugh out loud.

Here’s a few topics that you can expect from me:

  • What series, films, books, music, videos and resources I’m currently enjoying and thinking about;
  • First access to new articles and projects I’m working on;
  • Updates and stories — I’ll always send you the link to a newly published article and behind-the-scenes, as well as more personal stories;
  • Free additional resources that I create (e.g. e-books, pdf’s) — which I call ‘Freebies’;
  • Access to private Q&A’s — which means you can reply to these emails if you have a question and I’ll always answer you.

And don’t worry if you subscribe now and then don’t like my emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. No hard feelings! I’m human and I know I won’t please everyone.

If you aren’t yet a member of the LL Collective, here’s how to become one:

Click the button below and send me your email, name and the language you prefer to read. Easy-peasy!

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Where can we connect?

You can find my profiles on social media as @LinaLevien but since I tend to procrastinate, I don’t stay a lot of time on these platforms. Where you’ll really get the best of me when it comes to volume of content and engagement is by leaving a comment on a blogpost or writing me through the LL Collective — I’ll answer all of them as humanely as possible within 7 days.


If after all this you aren’t still very convinced that my blog is a wonderful online home filled with love and thoughtful content, read what some loving readers and friends have to say:

I’m certain that this publication acted as a supporter in several of my [patients’] treatments, helping in the discovery and acceptance of a new way of living, not allowing the disabilities to define who each person really is.”

Gabriela Marques, Physiotherapist

When I look at Lina’s blog and social media, I perceive a “unity of style,” which is when you look at a photograph and know whom it belongs to.

The visual content of the blog fits nicely with the written content, and this syntony of writing-showing-being is what makes the content incredibly rich.”

Rafaela Piccinin, Photographer and Videomakere

“How much strength and tenderness Lina is capable of expressing in some lines. Lina’s work in spelling out new aspirations in the world automatically guides us into her universe.” 

Michele Simões, Stylist and Creator of Fashion Day Inclusivo and O Meu Corpo é Real

“Lina’s blog while is super authentic, makes her followers immerse themselves in the blogger’s own style and at the same time get informed about subjects of extreme importance in a serious form and a “light” way.”

Carol Constantino, Creator of Cantinho dos Cadeirantes

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