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Hey, Earthling!

Welcome to my online home!

I’m so glad to meet you ❤

I’m Lina — the pretty little one with the cat eye frames on the rolls, but don’t let that intimidate you.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve heard of me and my blog from someone you trust or you’ve found one of my articles somewhere. No matter what reason it is, I’m thrilled that the Universe has brought you here.

Let’s get you started, shall we?

First things first, who am I?

I’m the founder, writer and editor of (almost) all the content on this blog. I say almost because we have guest’s posts occasionally.

I was chosen by Marie Forleo to be one of the 2018 Scholarship Winners of B-School and have written for platforms like Diversidade na Rua, Cantinho dos Cadeirantes and O Meu Corpo é Real. I also hosted an online debate about “Fashion aligned with people’s needs” promoted by Diversidade na Rua from the Brazilian company Mercur.

My husband says I’m the cutest and politest little thing ever — and well, yeah, I am. But don’t let that misguide you: I curse like s***, too, and can be quite opinative when needed.

If you’d like to know some short facts, visit my About page.

What will you find here?

This blog is full of resources about how to heal, redefine and define your perceptions of yourself and the world around you through The Art of Redefining Yourself. And I’m not kidding when I tell you I’ve seen it change lives.

You’ll find articles about turning obstacles into opportunities, deconstructing belief systems that society has been putting into your pretty little head, how to differentiate fear and work with it, as well as, benefits of Manuka honey, green tea and coconut oil for your skin, useful fashion tips for Rollers and Walkers alike, how to feel comfortable in your own skin and MUCH MORE.

To find all of my L.O.L’s (Lina Online Lessons) visit this page, scroll down and have fun!

What should you do next?

You should consider becoming a member of the LL Collective. Once you do, you’ll be hearing from me every mid and end of the month with content I don’t share on other platforms (this blog included!). It’s my latest and greatest collection delivered directly to your email! Cool, right?

Where can we connect?

I’m creating a socially conscious digital business, that means I’m in front of a screen most of the time writing and creating beautiful content for you. But ironically, I’m not very active on social media. If you wanna make sure you’ll reach me, the LL Collective is where I’m most at. I answer every single email myself as humanely as possible within 7 days.

What some Earthlings are saying about my blog:

“I’m certain that this publication acted as a supporter in several of my [patients] treatments, helping in the discovery and acceptance of a new way of living, not allowing the disabilities to define who each person really is.”

Gabriela Marques, Physiotherapist

“The visual content of the blog fits nicely with the written content, and this syntony of writing-showing-being is what makes the content incredibly rich.”

Rafaela Piccinin, Photographer and Videomaker

“How much strength and tenderness Lina is capable of expressing in some lines. Lina’s work in spelling out new aspirations in the world automatically guides us into her universe.” 

Michele Simões, Stylist and Creator of Fashion Day Inclusivo and O Meu Corpo é Real

“Lina’s blog while is super authentic, makes her followers immerse themselves in the blogger’s own style and at the same time get informed about subjects of extreme importance in a serious form and a “light” way.”

Carol Constantino, Creator of Cantinho dos Cadeirantes

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