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“I think I was one of the first readers of Lina’s blog and I am flattered to have followed closely the growth and development of this beautiful project that teaches us so much about inclusion, diversity and empowerment allied to health, fashion and beauty!

All the time I’m sharing the link for the blog with my friends and also patients, and I need to say the power that “The Art of Redefining Yourself” has in people’s lives. I’m certain that this publication acted as a supporter in several of my [patients’] treatments, helping in the discovery and acceptance of a new way of living, not allowing the disabilities to define who each person really is.

I remain attentive to the news that Lina brings, always breaking taboos. Each publication makes me redefine myself and think of a way to evolve and improve.

That’s why I never tire of thanking Lina for sharing all this and teaching me so much about life, helping me to find out more about the role I want to play in society.

Thank you, Lina!”

Gabriela Marques, Physiotherapist

“I always found Lina super stylish, her clothes, shoes, accessories, the wheelchair… and, as a photographer, I couldn’t help but notice the photos too!

When I look at Lina’s blog and social media, I perceive a “unity of style,” which is when you look at a photograph and know whom it belongs to. Lina’s personal style shows me the nature and its beauty, a handful of inclusive fashion, a lot of photos against and with the sun, shadows on some posts and monochrome as well.

The visual content of the blog fits nicely with the written content, and this syntony of writing-showing-being is what makes the content incredibly rich. What’s more, Lina has a more yellowish and warm visual content style, which reminds me a lot of autumn and myself, as I’ve always liked those tones for the comfort they bring.

Lina has a great taste, both for content and for photographs!”

Rafaela Piccinin, Photographer and Videomaker

“How much strength and tenderness Lina is capable of expressing in some lines. Although we’ve never have seen each other personally, Lina’s work in spelling out new aspirations in the world automatically guides us into her universe.

As a stylist and enthusiast of inclusive fashion, we share this love with the non-verbal language expressed by the clothes, in different but complementary ways. I loved getting to know your work dear, long life to this much-needed project.”

Michele Simões, Stylist and Creator of Fashion Day Inclusivo and O Meu Corpo é Real

“Lina’s blog while is super authentic, makes her followers immerse themselves in the blogger’s own style and at the same time get informed about subjects of extreme importance in a serious form and a “light” way. Anyone feels comfortable and welcomed in this environment full of love.”

Carol Constantino, Creator of Cantinho dos Cadeirantes


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