A Roller & Her Beloved Backpack

Since I’ve engaged on this adventurous journey of being a Roller – a rolling chair/wheelchair user –, there was one unnerving fact that always got in the way (besides stairs and bumpy roads). What’s that, you ask?

UTENSILS – in fact, too many of it.

I’ll explain:

To go out I needed a lot of STUFF but I didn’t have a functional (and pretty) bag to put it all in. Normally, I’d take an eco bag, that I got especially for that purpose, but it wasn’t good enough. It didn’t close completely, I didn’t like to place it directly on the floor and it was always so messy!

lina-levien-rolling-chair (9)
London Eco Bag Edition haha 😉
lina-levien-my-mode-tones-of-rose (7)
A smaller version for Summer because I need less Stuff.

Until last summer every part of it was so irritating! Every time I needed something from the bag I’d have to remove the Enterprise‘s (my rolling chair’s name) head support, then put the bag on the floor, place the head support back again, get whatever I wanted from inside the bag and then do all the process backwards to go on with my stroll. And when I say “I had to do” I mean my husband had to do all of that. Trust me, we weren’t big fans of that process.

All of that changed when… TA-DA!

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (5)

Can you tell the difference??


Oh boy, am I happy now! The idea was already circling my hubby’s mind and mine for a really long time BUT well… how can I put it… I wanted something pretty. 

I didn’t want only A backpack. I wanted THE backpack!

It had to be big enough, easy to strap on and off – if needed –, waterproof, have inner divisions, some external cases and of course, had to be pretty and combine with my personal style. I didn’t think of my backpack matching with my Outfits but it should be neutral to at least, have some kind of balance. And I must say, I’ve succeeded. My backpack is a part of the Enterprise and not necessarily of my Outfits. Nevertheless, having a black and white polka dot pattern is simply perfect since I wear that quite often.

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (9)
Disclaimer: This article is brought to you sponsored by my wonderful auntie Inajara, who gifted me this dreamy backpack. Hihihi 😉

There’s another reason why backpacks are the best choice for us Rollers: they’re safer to use. By that I mean you can tie the straps around your rolling chair. Also, they won’t be in the way in case you drive the wheels yourself. I’m quite sure you’ll be able to tie your backpack to any model of wheelchairs, but here’s a couple of tips if you have a head support:


lina-levien-backpack (2)


Each person requires different utensils when going out but if I can give you – Walkers and Rollers alike – one tip of what to always carry inside your bag is wet wipes. You never know when you’ll need to clean your fingers, mouth or even intimate body parts after using public toilets.

I know that often wet wipes packages are marketed for babies BUT you don’t need to be a baby to enjoy their cleansing benefits, folks. 😉

Some of my Utensils – Chilly Weather Edition

A blanket and a pair of gloves: I made the mistake once of saying I didn’t need them. First, because I didn’t know any better (even though my husband did) and second because I felt ashamed of needing them. But hey! I don’t move my legs like Walkers do, they get cold! Well, lesson learned.

Water bottle: I follow my own advice – Drink plenty of water to keep your hydration levels up.

Wet wipes, Paper wipes, Lip balm and Lactostop (I’m lactose intolerant and reeeally don’t wanna make a mess everytime I wanna eat something creamy).

Documents and iPhone.

Photography Stuff: I never know when I’ll find a beautiful spot. Don’t judge me.

That’s what I normally carry with me but of course, depending on the season and where I’m going I’ll add other items I might need or take out the ones I won’t.

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (10)



Rollers: How do you carry your utensils when you go out?

Walkers: What’s the one item you always carry with you no matter what (disregard mobile phone, keys, and wallet)?

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂


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