Why Are We Here & Where Will We Go?

Hello, everyone! Lina here. 🙂

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ve probably noticed that my beauty posts are mostly with a clean(er) and DIY(ish) approach. And there’s a reason for that. More than one, actually.

I’m from Brazil and I lived there until my 20’s. I started taking care of my skin when I was 15 years old. The cosmetics I used were mostly from La Roche Posay and Natura, which is a Brazilian brand. I’ve always opted for those two brands because LRP is a well-known brand for sensitive skin, which I have; and Natura has a philosophy of sustainability and using organic key ingredients in their products, mostly from Brazil. Also, their makeup was always amazing on my skin. I believe they just have the gift of manufacturing makeup products that look and feel so natural and comfortable for Brazilian skin.

I don’t remember having issues with LRP or Natura, but they also didn’t knock me off my feet. They were good and I believe they went on that way. But when I moved to Germany I was aware that my cosmetics wouldn’t last forever and I’d need something new, eventually.

I didn’t know where to start. In the beginning, reading labels in German was so chaotic and frustrating. I couldn’t buy Natura anymore and I wanted something new that wasn’t LRP. That’s when I watched a video from Julia Petit’s YouTube channel, where she was telling about her beauty routine. Back in 2009/2010, Julia was the first person I watched a makeup tutorial from, and I follow her work ever since. I truly admire her and respect her opinions. Who watched her videos from back in the day, probably knows that she used that Colossal Maybelline Mascara in almost every tutorial. I’ve bought the yellow tube mascara exclusively because of her and that is one of my favourite ones until today. Anyway, her beauty routine had oils… I knew that Julia has oily skin and I was so intrigued when she said that oils were great for oily skin. That oils actually balanced the sebum production. So I started to do a lot of research and discovered all kinds of wonders about Oils.

Julia, thank you for teaching me how to apply makeup and for helping me to work my insecurities when I was going through heavy corticoide treatments. And then once more, thank you for opening my eyes to new beauty approaches that now, I love more than anything I ever used. If it wasn’t for all that information I’ve gathered from one single tip on your video, this blog probably wouldn’t even exist. I hope you’re gonna read this someday because the foundation of many things I started was inspired by you.

Being in love with oils plus the fact that I couldn’t read labels made me start using oils (that I could purchase online) as Cleansers and Moisturisers for my entire face and body, progressively adding more steps here and there. And my skin was never better than it is now. The more I used and learned, the more I wanted to try new things with less chemical ingredients and create content about it to share with my friends. A digital platform seemed like the best choice to share my findings with those I care about the most and that are beyond an ocean of distance. And at the same time, I write my content in 3 languages. Portuguese to not forget my beautiful melodic mother-tongue; English to become fluent; and German to help me learn faster.

And I haven’t looked back. Decoding skincare and creating good quality content is what makes me happy and has saved me in very difficult moments. It has given me a passion and an occupation that I didn’t know I could have. So you can be certain that whatever I bring to you here is genuine and made with profound love and care.

By now, I can read German labels quite well and I’ve been trying local brands with cleaner ingredients. All of my experiences inspire the articles I’ve been writing. I’m going deeper into the science behind beauty products by learning to read the back label and not only the front one. I don’t obsess about using 100% organic things all the time but I certainly want a more holistic approach and cleaner ingredients. And well, I’ll always love my Oils.

I’m living so many new and delicious experiences and I write about them all. You’ll have a lot of new and exciting things coming from me! New Categories, Projects and something very exclusive for my readers… I hope you’ll find seeing all of them as enjoyable as I do to create them!

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂

P.S.: Hope you’ve liked the new palette of colours!


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