Ask Lina: What’s the best hair removal method? – Part 2/2

Hello, everyone! Lina’s back. 🙂

As promised here’s Part 2 of my article about Hair Removal Methods.



Hair removal with a Threader Device, like the metallic pink one with funny antennas on the photo, is actually something quite old, prior to Tweezers. It also removes the hair with the root so it lasts long and the pain goes from person to person. Some women like the threading method mostly to remove their facial hair. But honestly, I don’t mind my Vellus hairs (the thin short light-coloured ones).




This is a long-term option, which involves destroying the roots with light. It might be permanent, but usually just reduces the amount of hair and makes them finer and lighter. Older lasers worked better with darker hairs and light skin and could damage darker skin tones and weren’t effective on very light hairs because they detect pigment. Modern lasers, on the other hand, can be used to treat an individual’s skin and hair type. After a treatment, the hair remains in the skin but will fall.

The pain associated with laser hair removal is often compared to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. So again it’ll vary from person to person. You can have it done professionally, the price will depend on the area and generally, it takes around 6-12 sessions for optimal results. After the initial sessions are completed, you might want to make touch ups every 6-12 months. Nowadays, you can also find devices to purchase and remove your hairs with a laser at home (like the one on the photo).




This is the newest innovation to the laser. It works by destroying each hair at the follicle with an electric current. Since it removes the hair one by one, you might need 15-30 sessions, depending on the area. The results can be permanent but not 100% for everyone. As far as pain goes, it’s said there is a stinging sensation for each follicle, which may or may not be painful.




Ding ding ding, we have a winner! I simply love Epilators for so many reasons!

a. They remove the hair with the root, it might hurt a little (again, varies from person to person) but it lasts long. You can do retouches once or twice a month, depends on your preference.

b. They are hygienic. Some models can even be washed with water.

c. There are SO MANY options! For more sensitive areas, like the groin, the pubes area and above the upper lip. You can also purchase models that come with exchangeable heads.

d. The process is relatively fast, depending on the size of your Epilator. For example, you shouldn’t epilate your legs with an epilator for sensitive areas because the heads of those are smaller.

e. You can do it at home. No need to be worried about making an appointment. You do it whenever and wherever you want.



Now, let me say why I don’t recommend Laser or Electrolysis, which are the longest term results. Hair growth is something natural, you shouldn’t “kill” the follicles of your hair. Also, when you destroy your hair follicle, you destroy your gland, too, which can lead you to a dry and thin skin.

If having hairs is something that bothers you or not having them is something that makes you feel prettier, personally I recommend you to remove them with an Epilator for the body and a Tweezer for your eyebrows but I’ve written all the valuable information I’ve found so you’ll be able to decide it for yourself. And most importantly, ONLY remove your hairs if YOU feel better about YOURSELF by doing it so, and not because society dictates that a “hairy person is weird”. If you don’t wanna epilate because it hurts or whatever other reason, just don’t. Demystify what you’ve been listening to all your life, that women should be hairless. BE YOU AND DO YOU! Always do what makes you comfortable and happy!

Hope so much this post was helpful for you! What is your favourite method?

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂



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