Ask Lina: What’s the best hair removal method? – Part 1/2

Hello, everyone! Lina here. 🙂

Today’s post is brought to you as a request from one of my best friends. She asked me the other day if I could write an article explaining the hair removal methods and which ones I recommend because she and many of her friends have doubts about the subject. So, here’s to all of you and especially to my Gabi baby, who started a new feature on the blog: Ask Lina! If you have a question about anything just contact me and I’ll either respond directly to you or write a whole post answering your question!

So, Hair Removal Methods… What are they? How does the procedure work? How long does it last? Is it safe?

1. WAX

This method works by removing the hair with the root. You’ll apply wax to the skin, which will stick to the hairs, then quickly pull it off bringing the hairs out with it (and the top layer of your skin, too, so be aware!). It can be done with a cloth strip or without it. You can purchase the wax and make this method yourself or have it done professionally.

The procedure is painful but relatively quick so even larger areas like the legs can be waxed in a trivial amount of time. However, because the wax has to be able to stick to the hairs, they need to be at least half a centimetre/quarter of an inch long before waxing. That means you’ll have 3-6 weeks to see your hairs growing back, which is a relatively long time between waxes.

It isn’t recommended to use this method on your face area, though, because it removes the top layer of your skin every time you use it, which can cause major skin damage. Also, the movement of pulling your skin will cause you a premature flaccid complexion and body. Especially if you have skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea or eczema avoid waxing any part of your body.


Shaving with Razors is one of the easiest and cheapest methods, probably that’s why it’s the most popular one. It works by cutting off the hair at a skin level. You’ll need a shaving cream or oil and it’s painless as long as you don’t cut yourself or have a razor burning or some kind of irritation or infection on the skin, like ingrown hairs (which has a tendency to happen because the razor doesn’t cut the hair evenly) which can cause you scarring and permanent dark spots. You are able to find infinite options on the market at different prices, it depends on your preference.

I must confess that I’ve never ever used this method because you’re only cutting the hair and not removing it, so after 1-3 days you can already see it growing. Also, the hair grows thicker when using this method, in fact, every wetness or humidity involved in hair removal makes them grow thicker.


This method usually works by dissolving the hair at skin level. You purchase it yourself and smear the cream in thick layers over the desired area, leave it on for some minutes and wipe it off. The hair remains on the follicle but it’s burned away evenly ingrown hairs become less likely.

If everything goes accordingly it’s painless but the main risk is chemical burns because some hair types need more time to be effectively dissolved and therefore some people will leave it on for longer than is directed on the package. By the time your hair is dissolved your skin is also burnt. And it’s so not worth it because after 1-3 days they can already be seen again.

You must know your skin, and personally, I think you should avoid these creams at all cost, but especially if you’re sensitive stay away from them!


Plucking hair with a tweezer is my favourite method for keeping my eyebrows in the shape I want. It’s precise, it plucks the hair with the root so it lasts long. A good tweezer is gentle but effective. The pain varies from person to person and also depends on the area you’re plucking from. Personally, I don’t feel pain in any area.

Tweezers are also very helpful for retouches. No matter what hair removal method you use, there’s always some stubborn hairs remaining, so just pluck them!


Soon I’ll be publishing Part 2 of this post, so make sure to check back here for all the information I found about Hair Removal Methods and my conclusions plus a special note to all of us.

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂



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