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Oh my, can’t believe it’s already Autumn again. One of the things I love most this time of the year it’s seeing the leaves changing colour and then falling down. The scenario is perfect for some memorable photos.

And to wear stylish darker outfits.

Now in Autumn, the days get shorter, the sun sets earlier and it quickly gets dark and really cold in the evening. Also, the sun is lower in the sky all day and provides less heat. With a bit of autumnal wind, it’s easy to catch a cold. So follow your mom’s advice and always carry a windbreaker.

Nevertheless, there can still be some lovely warm days in Autumn.


lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (10)

Throughout my fashion articles you’ve seen that in my personal style, I like to wear certain colours. While in Summer you’ve seen me wearing plenty of rose tones mixed with white and red, in Autumn I love black, grey, brown, beige, crimson red and emerald green. I know, quite picky; but then again, that’s my preference.

For this first Autumnal Outfit, I chose grey and black with a touch of polka dots. Actually, you’ve already seen me wearing most of these pieces in other photos here on the blog and on my Instagram. The reason for that is I believe in making the most out of every single piece of garment I own.

You don’t need to have a huge closet filled with clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories you only wore once, or even worse: never at all. When I buy anything new I think very consciously if I really need that and with which pieces I already have I can combine it.

Especially with the season changing is so important to keep yourself grounded and not make compulsive and unnecessary purchases.

That being said, let’s see more of the Outfit:

lina-levien-my-mode-autumn-outfit (14)

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (3)

Grey sweatpants (96% Cotton 4% Elastane) and a black Pullover (blend of Polyester, Cashmere and Cotton), simple as that. Even though sweatpants aren’t the most beautiful thing to wear, they’re super comfortable and warm enough for this time of the year. I’m still on the hunt for something prettier but without leaving the comfort factor aside, after all, I’m sitting most of the time and I need to consider that.

Black buttoned Pullover there’s no mystery. Pretty, warm and easy to dress up and down. For me, it’s difficult to lift the arms up so I always wear blouses that have buttons or invisible zippers. Oh, and I was wearing a tank top beneath (92% Polyamide 8% Elastane) – of those that are tight to the body and you can wear inside the pants.

The black suede shoes you’ve already seen me wearing on The Pajama Piece article. As you can see I only added warm black socks (68% Cotton 30% Polyamide 2% Elastane) and could wear the same pair in Autumn and Summer.

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (8)

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (5)

For my accessories, I chose pearl earrings to play with the polka dots shape on the silk scarf and a two-toned wristwatch in yellow and white gold. I normally don’t use watches because my wrist is quite thin and to be frank, I didn’t find the one that takes my breath away yet (even though this one comes pretty close).

This watch is almost as old as I am and belongs to my mother, sometimes she borrows it to me since she knows I truly like it. But of course, her wrist is thicker than mine so I styled it over the sleeve of my blouse and I fell in love with how it looked!

Another borrowed piece is the hat, which actually belongs to my husband. I mean, why buy another hat if he has one that I find beautiful? I actually love using his hats and scarves. 😉

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (4)

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (12)

lina-levien-my-mode-fall-for-fall-autumn-outfit (7)


On a side note, this same Outfit would look beautiful with a pop of colour. I love adding colour to the feet – red, green or pink shoes… Like so:




What do you love most in Autumn? Do you wear any colour you like or you’d rather select a palette?

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂


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