My Mode: Last days of Summer in Polka dots

Summer is almost turning into Autumn here in Germany, but no matter how much each season of the year has something special and enjoyable about it, summertime is when I get to do some of the things I love the most. Eat berries, watermelon, and cucumber; enjoy longer days and strolls around the green and wear most of my polka dot pieces.

Last day in the garden eating berries from the bushes asked for a proper farewell outfit (at least until next Summer anyway), with a dedicated blog post wearing my favourite pattern of all times and a special guest.

lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (11)

lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (9)

Quite simple and comfortable, but chic.

Off the shoulder has been my favourite shape of blouse to wear this season, as I mentioned here, but a white shirt would match beautifully, as well.

According to my research, the trousers style I’m wearing is called Pegged. Pegged trousers are very comfortable and airy. I also love the full cut in the waist because it fits perfectly without a belt.

I believe that when you choose to wear a polka dot pattern, being on the top or the bottom, it’s highly recommended to keep both in the same colour palette. As my outfit, for example, I chose black and white; consequently, the blouse choice would be black or white. Same would apply for polka dots in red, rose, green, blue, etc.

lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (12)
white shirt with dotty details and a summer hat for a more sophisticated touch

Another thing I love to do is wear polka dots both on top and bottom. You might think I’m a little crazy but I’ll show you what’s the secret when matching polka dots. I’ll post that article next week so make sure to come back here to read My Ultimate Polka Dot Matching Guide.

There are very few types of patterns that I appreciate wearing and for me, Polka dots reign amongst all of them. Everything made with dots immediately becomes a consuming desire of mine.

You know when you see a cute cupcake in the glass vitrine and your eyes fill with joy and content? Yep, that’s how I feel when I see something polka dotty. And I’m not only talking about clothes… I mean EVERYTHING.

But back to the Outfit:

I completed the look with my cut out oxfords; a silk polka dot scarf; small gold hoops earrings; a delicate ring with hearts in Marcasite and Crystal along with my wedding ring; high ponytail and cat eye frames.

lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (3)
white scarf with black dots in counterpart for black trousers with white dots

lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (8)

lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (10)

lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (4)



lina-levien-my-mode-polka-dot-petit-poa (5)

lina-levien-my-mode-selfie (3)

Hope so much you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. I’m a little sad summertime is ending but I’m so happy for everything it has brought me.

And to my fellow compatriots in Brazil, Summer will be there soon! Hope you’ll rock it with your Outfits! I miss there.

Many kisses and see you next week with My Ultimate Polka Dot Matching Guide! 🙂


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