My Mode: The Pyjama Piece

Pyjamas aren’t only sleepwear!

Yes, it’s true. I also wear the pyjamas I sleep in to go out. It’s a practical thing to do if you’re in a hurry or you don’t want to dress up to go to the bakery, supermarket or like me, go for a stroll in my neighbourhood to get some fresh air.

The only thing that you need though is a pretty pyjama 😛 I only have silk pyjamas but it’s not just because they’re pretty. I need sleepwear that slides on my sheets, so it’s easier for me to turn in bed (because of my muscle weakness condition; if you have something similar, that might be a useful tip for you, too). Silk is quite sliding in nature and also very comfortable. So I thought that this was a nice outfit and tip to share.

lina-levien-my-mode-the-pajama-look (9)

lina-levien-my-mode-the-pajama-look (7)



I do this so often in summer; keep the pants and blouse but change the home shoes for a more stylish pair to go out. If it wasn’t so warm I would have kept on the blouse as well, but since it’s long sleeved I didn’t. Instead, I chose a beautiful off the shoulder top with floral embroidery over a tulle fabric. This has been my favourite blouse of the moment, it has all the colours you can find inside my wardrobe so I can match it with almost everything. And I simply love that design! It makes me feel sensual but still feminine in an effortless way. Also, no matter what kind of body type you’ve been blessed with, off the shoulder blouses and dresses will look beautiful on you! Petite, curvy, short, tall, etc, baring shoulders will elongate your neck and flatter your décolletage.

lina-levien-my-mode-the-pajama-look (5)

lina-levien-my-mode-garden (2)

lina-levien-my-mode-garden (3)

I chose very minimal jewellery. Only green gemstone earrings and my wedding ring (Curiosity: Here in Germany wedding rings are used on the right hand, not the left.) As for my long and curly hair, a quick up-do did the trick for the warm and windy day.

lina-levien-my-mode-the-pajama-look (3)

lina-levien-my-mode-the-pajama-look (8)

lina-levien-my-mode-the-pajama-look (2)

lina-levien-my-mode-the-pajama-look (4)

I love silk pieces so I really enjoy wearing my pyjamas for going out outfits, too. You can do so many combinations with them! Some ideas if you wanna try it:

  • Full two-set pieces
  • Pajama’s blouse + denim shorts, skirt or trousers
  • Pajama’s trousers + cropped top
  • Silk Nightdress

The possibilities are infinite! Depending on your pyjama’s colour you can style the other pieces the way you like the best. I believe that every colour matches with denim. Just make sure to choose accessories that go well with the rest of the colours to make the outfit harmonic, like I did with my own.

Another important point I want to mention are the occasions you can wear your pyjama piece. Silk blouses are beautiful to wear under a blazer for the workplace, especially if you’re in a more formal space. Silk trousers, for example, are very comfortable for the university, since you’ll be sitting most of the time. A silk nightdress looks stunning at a party, accompanied by high heels sandals or pointed toe flats. Everything depends on the occasion you’re dressing for and your personal style. If you keep these in mind when you’re choosing your clothes, everything should be alright.

What do you think? Would you give the pyjamas a try? If you do, please use the hashtag #MyLinaMode so I can have a look! And HAVE FUN!

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂



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