My Mode: La Vie En Rose

Rose, Rosy, Pink!

That’s what I’ve been wearing since the warmer days started. It’s such a feminine and chic colour, it simply makes me smile when wearing it!

High waist, wide leg trousers with a buttoned-up shirt and oxfords are the basics of my monochromatic outfit. This kind of trousers are called clochard and they’re like “chic sweatpants” because they’re as comfortable but prettier. I love wearing these since I’m sitting most of the time. If I’m not having clothes made especially for my waist size, they’d probably always be big so I aim for trousers I can tie around my waist. And I want a nice looking belt, preferably with the same colour and fabric as the trousers. As for the buttoned-up and tucked in shirt, that’s just my personal taste. It’ll be really hard for you to see me wearing shirts in another way. I like the subtle ruffles detail on the sleeves and they align with my shoulders. Even though I would prefer the collar perfectly fitting my neck, but that is very difficult to find for my neck circumference.

lina-levien-my-mode-how-to-wear-rose (4)

lina-levien-my-mode-parkschaenke (5)

lina-levien-my-mode-parkschaenke (4)

Fabrics like linen, chiffon and silks are very beautiful, fluid and mostly non-synthetic. Cotton is also a good non-synthetic choice for being comfortable and able to provide sun protection; but different from linen or silk, cotton is a hollow fibre, which is nicely breathable but also can absorb lots of sweat and dirt. So make sure you’re washing your piece properly. Viscose might also be a nice option, but pay attention that it should have 5% elastane (spandex, lycra) to keep the shape.

Especially for the Spring/Summer season, it’s good having light and thin fabrics that make the outfit fresh and fluid. If it’s a little colder, you can always choose a pretty blazer or cardigan to wear over it.

lina-levien-my-mode-how-to-wear-rose (2)

lina-levien-my-mode-how-to-wear-rose (3)

As for the accessories, I decided to go minimalist and all rose, too. I love a matchy-matchy!

And, of course, a neutral Panama hat, because they’re stylish and protective. I chose a pulled-up hairdo because it was quite hot and my hair makes me so warm. And my glasses, because without them is all blurry! I love vintage looking frames, especially the Ray-Ban ones.

lina-levien-my-mode-how-to-wear-rose (6)

lina-levien-my-mode-how-to-wear-rose (7)

lina-levien-my-mode-how-to-wear-rose (5)

lina-levien-my-mode-parkschaenke (6)

lina-levien-my-mode-la-vie-en-rose-outfit (5)

If you don’t like or don’t want to wear a monochrome outfit in rose by either wearing all of the same tone or undertones (light roses, dusty roses, peachy roses, bright pinks), there are some other colours that I, personally, love wearing with rose the most.

Tones of Red: I think it’s beautiful going for the medium tones. Not so bright and not so dark. My favourite colour is red-blood and I love wearing it with rose. You can exchange any piece in that outfit for a red one; then go for red gemstone jewellery, too.

Tones of Beige and White: This family of colours is chic and goes well with everything, but the light beiges, rosy beiges and white are just stunning with light roses and peachy roses. I would go for pearl jewellery in this case.

Moss Green: As you can see below, this green tone is a beautiful match for either light or peachy rose. You can add green gemstone jewellery to complete the outfit.


This was the first My Mode of The Art of Redefining Yourself project, and I hope so much that it inspired you somehow. As you can probably notice I was quite shy, but at the same time, I loved doing it. It is what I truly wear and I also tried to bring you some other useful information.

I would love to hear from you and know what colours you love wearing!

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂


P.S.: A huge thank you for my love, who took all these beautiful photos for me in our stroll at the park.


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