DIY Beauty Secrets – Remove your under-eye circles with Coconut Oil

Hello, beauties! Lina here. 🙂

How have you been? I’m missing so much writing here on the blog for you! I’ve been quite busy with some stuff, mostly my German classes and I’ll be applying for my Proficiency Exam this month so I’ve been getting all my free time to study because German isn’t a very easy language to learn. That’s why I’m not having as much time as I want to be here, but soon I’ll be back to share with you a lot of cool things. I’m full of ideas and I’m so sure you’ll enjoy them!

I wanna bring you valuable information and for that, I wanna test everything before I share them here. As I mentioned, I’m not being able to test a lot of new DIY Beauty Secrets recipes, so I’m just sticking to what has been normally working for me (I’ll make a post of my beauty routine in a near future), BUT I read something on a health blog about removing under-eye circles with Coconut Oil and the addict oil woman inside me said “WAIT! I MUST TRY THIS!” and so I did it, and asked my husband if he could try it, too.

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil

How to do it:

  1. Clean your face. I personally use a very wet towel to do that, because it gives me a very good exfoliation. I do the same procedure on my neck and chest.
  2. Spread the coconut oil all over your face making a circular motion, especially around your eyes.
  3. Follow to your neck making up and down motions.
  4. Follow to your chest making a circular motion.
  5. Your hands will be very oily so, enjoy that and massage your own hands, too. Like if you were spreading your regular lotion. Don’t forget the cuticles!
  6. Go to sleep and rinse the coconut oil off in the morning.

My experience:

I’ve made for two consecutive nights this same process before going to bed. I didn’t know how much of Coconut Oil I would need so, the first night I used too much and I won’t lie, it was very oily to sleep and it was slippery all night. But when I woke up in the morning I kinda ran to the mirror and OH MY GOODNESS, that was witchcraft! My under-eye circles were COMPLETELY gone! After I rinsed it all off only with a very wet towel I made more check ups and my skin was so moisturized, soft, soothe and flawless. I just couldn’t believe how powerful coconut oil is! It removed completely my under-eye circles, which are more of a purple-ish colour, and my husband’s, which are more of a brownish colour.

We were both so amazed by it that we did again, this time using the right amount. It was still quite oily but at least it got absorbed during the night. After applying it all over my face, neck, chest and hands, I dabbed a little more only on my under-eye area without spreading too much and the results were even better.

On the 3rd night, we went out to have dinner with friends and came back home really late, we were tired and had to get up in some 5 hours so we skipped the Coconut Oil treatment. And even though, we slept quite poorly when we got up our under-eye circles were hardly noticeable.

giphy-2 Kopie

So I’m here sharing this quick tip with you because for me it was truly amazing what happened and already only after one night of use. We all have issues with under-eye circles for whatever reason and that really sucks, but trust me do this every night before going to bed and they will disappear. My skin is very sensitive and I didn’t have troubles at all, I was worried about irritating my eyes but nothing happened.

If you don’t like the thought of being a little greasy in your first hours of sleep, you can use this process as a Cleanser instead of a Night Mask. I would even recommend that you add Sweet Almond Oil to you Coconut Oil because together they make a perfect Cleanser/Exfoliator. You should make the circular motion for longer then, some 20 minutes, and you’ll see and feel all the dead skin coming off. After that just rinse it off and apply a very little amount of Coconut Oil only under your eyes.

 Important Note:

Even after you cleaned your face and removed your makeup, if you’re spreading the Coconut Oil to use as the Night Mask and you feel that there is still dead skin and makeup coming out, rinse it off and spread the Coconut Oil again. Because if you just leave it on your skin still dirty, it’ll get your pores clogged and instead of helping to nourish you’ll lead yourself to breakouts.


I hope you’ll try and see how amazing this is! And share with your friends because I’m sure they will love it, too! Soon I’ll be more active and bring to you a lot of awesome and effective DIY Beauty Secrets! But for now, wish me luck on my exam! 🙂

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂

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