My first blog post :)


I’m Lina and I created this blog to talk about beauty. 🙂

Since I was very teeny-tiny I was interested in makeup and skin care. My mom always paid a lot of attention to her beauty routine and I watched her taking care of her skin every day. When I was around seven years old, I took theatre and belly dance classes. Lots of fun and beautiful makeup involved, and I kinda loved that part. Around the age of 14, I started doing light makeups on myself. Rosy eyeshadow on my lids, black eyeliner only on my waterline (yes, that was very trendy back then), and a gloss or a light pink lipstick over my lips. I remember my mom always saying: “Comb your brows!”, and I didn’t listen to her… After some time she would come with a little brush and comb them for me. The truth is that until my 16’s, I didn’t know a lot of the things I know today, but I was trying out everything while I was growing up. I still remember of my girlfriends and some of my family members giving compliments about how pretty my makeup was, and I felt quite proud of myself, hahaha! So yes, I was a kid/teenager with makeup on and proud! Because, you see, back then (2009/2010), beauty blogs and makeup tutorials on YouTube weren’t really famous. The first makeup tutorial I ever watched, was when I was 17 years old and I thought to myself “How awesome is that? Someone teaching makeup on the internet and for free!”, and since that day I follow this kind of stuff. The options were growing and that was simply delightful. Over the years I even thought about writing a blog, because there were several things and tricks I knew and didn’t see people talk about, but then I wondered: “Pff, who’s gonna read my blog? There are so many different famous people talking about makeup. No one will read me.” And I lacked courage…until now.

I know that nowadays there are lots of people talking about beauty, I do follow many blogs and YouTube channels myself. However, I always feel like they don’t talk deep down about quite important subjects, like skin care. And rule number one to a natural and flawless makeup isn’t on how expensive your foundation is, but to what’s underneath it! It’s very important to have a daily care to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, and when you reach that, maybe you’ll feel like you don’t even need that much makeup to hide the little things that dissatisfy yourself.

There are so many options on the market and of all prices, but there are also a lot of things we can prepare at home! I wanna be able to talk about them all! I’ll also talk about makeup because it is one of my passions. I’m gonna have some very dear friends collaborating actively with posts about health and wellness. Skin care, body care and makeup are quite important to us feel confident, with energy and enhance our beauty.

And last but not least, I’m extremely interested in makeup history, in how women used to do their makeups since the beginning of times. I’m sure you’ll find that very interesting, too!

This blog is available in three different languages: Portuguese, English and German. To read in yours, select it from the menu above. I should mention that I’m Brazilian but I’m living in Germany, so my mother tongue is Portuguese. But at home, in my daily life, I speak English and I got very natural and fluent in it. For now, I apologise if my German is not all that good. The reason for that is that I am still learning.

I’m gonna have lots of fun talking and sharing my beauty secrets and hope it’s gonna be useful. And if there’s anyone reading this post who’d like to send me a message, I’d simply love that.

Many kisses and see you soon! 🙂


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